KSRP IRB Exam cut-off marks list


Welcome Contest ….. Today we will look at the ksrp cut off points.  Now all the competitors have written the KSRP exam successfully.  Today we will look at a pdf about KSRP cut off points.  Here you can see Sape Joan Irtira for how many points you get.  The cut off points are based on: –

 1. Question paper

 2.Your District

 3.Number of Candidates

             Cut-off points stand on these three grounds.

 Question paper: Some people questioned how simple the question paper was, some people were very tough.  Note that the competitors are KSRP Question paper, DAR Question paper, Civil Question paper, everything is simple but 30 points to 40 points.  Those 40 points are for everyone.  Look at those 40 questions and say how simple it is.  But neighbors say it’s much simpler than testing Bario Odori.  But the 70s in question paper are not just competitors.  We also see each.  Hard to read for those who don’t read simple.  That means there is no question paper here, simple or not.  So first of all the question paper is very important.


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